EPPsys D


  • Overview

    • Use of the special EJOT thread for EPP foam
    • Ideally suited for tolerance independent assembly, because no pilot hole is necessary
    • High process reliability due to large margin between installation and stripping torque
    • Easy assembly after the foam expansion
    • High transmittable tensile forces
    • High torques
    • Weight savings due to used plastic material
    • Recyclable


Applications Engineer

Niko Müller

Product Manager


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Direct fastening of EPP foams!

As all fastening elements of the EJOT® EPPsys product group the EPPsys DR screw has also been developed to fasten components to foamed parts, especially EPP foams (expanded polypropylene). Easy, quick and secure: The EJOT® EPPsys D screw ("Direct assembly") can be directly and easily fastened into the foam. Using specified torques and adjustable torque limiting drivers, the EPPsys D screw can be installed into EPP foams (with large density) in a process reliable way.