• Overview

    • Side snap-fit assembly
    • High axial load-carrying capacity due to large bearing surface
    • Reduced component weight
    • No corrosion
    • Consistent tightening torques
    • No catching of the parts
    • Easy, no-damage disassembly
    • Recyclable


Applications Engineer

Niko Müller

Product Manager


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CAD & more

The most suitable clip

Development focus of the EJOT EASYboss® was the design of an all-around improved alternative to the still commonly used sheet metal clips. Main fields of application for the EASYboss® are designs where direct assembly is not possible. Reasons for this are insufficient installation depths in the component or other tool related conditions. Further possible uses are in thin-walled components made of different materials, for example thin sheets. The EASYboss® is assembled through snap fitting sideways to the fastening direction from the edge of the part or through an access hole in a flat component. Tolerances of the hole pattern can be reliably compensated by the fastening element. For varying material and hole wall thicknesses a range of different sizes are available. In particular the combination of EJOT DELTA PT® screw and EASYboss® offers ideal prerequisites for the direct assembly into plastic.