• Overview

    • No pilot hole required, tolerance compensation possible
    • High quality threaded joint without part preparation
    • Applicable for many varieties of CFRP
    • Easy disassembly and reassembly
    • Available in A2/A4 stainless steel, steel, aluminum and titanium
    • Hybrid joining possible (e. g. Aluminum to CFRP)


Applications Engineer


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Innovative direct fastening in CFRP materials

In particular future-oriented materials, such as carbon-fibre reinforced plastics (CFRP), enable significant weight savings and have become indispensable in many fields of application. The joining of this high-tech material has been a challenging task for product developers to date, but a suitable fastening solution from EJOT is now available. The FLOWpoint DELTA PT® screw combines two successful EJOT methods in a unique new way. The special point allows flow-drill fastening in materials without pre-hole, hole overlap problems are now a thing of the past. The specially adjusted DELTA PT® thread offers the best conditions for subsequent thread forming. The FLOWpoint DELTA PT® is available in stainless steel, aluminium and titanium.